Levocea (Levocarnitine 1gm inj)

Uses of Levocea Injection
Levocea 1gm/5ml Injection for:
*Carnitine deficiency

Benefits of Levocea Injection

In Carnitine deficiency
Carnitine deficiency can lead to many problems such as muscle weakness, fatigue, problems with the heart (such as heart enlargement), liver or brain (encephalopathy), confusion, etc. Carnilev 1gm/5ml Injection contains amino acids that are very important for the normal growth and development of the internal organs, muscles, and nerves. It helps to maintain the normal functioning of the internal organs and maintains nerve conduction too. It has a major role in the generation of energy in our body, regulation of mood, healing, and repair of damaged tissues, and keeping our skin, nails, and hair healthy.

Price: ₹ 230 per vial

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