Ubicea (Co-enzymeQ10+L-carnitine+Omega3Fatty acid Tablet)

Coenzyme Q10 is an important vitamin-like substance required for the proper function of many organs and chemical reactions in the body. It helps provide energy to cells. Coenzyme Q10 also seems to have antioxidant activity. People with certain diseases, such as heart failure, high blood pressure, gum disease, Parkinson’s disease, blood infections, certain diseases of the muscles, and HIV infection, might have lower levels of coenzyme Q10.

L-carnitine As the kidneys and liver help create and use L-carnitine, a disease in these organs or organ failure may lead to L-carnitine deficiency. Doctors may recommend L-carnitine supplementation in these cases to support the function of the kidneys and liver and prevent deficiency& use in muscle cramps.

Coenzyme Q10 is a naturally occurring enzyme that helps proper growth and development. Omega-3 fatty acid provides daily nutrition, also keeps the heart-healthy. Ubicea Tablet helps to fulfill the dietary deficiencies.

Price: ₹ 650 per strip

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